Drupal Rules 模板替换文本 数字出现 1,235 的情况

其中使用了 number_format 修改十进制数

function _entity_token_get_token($wrapper, $options) {

  if (!$wrapper || $wrapper->value() === NULL) {
    // Do not provide a replacement if there is no value.
    return NULL;

  if (empty($options['sanitize'])) {
    // When we don't need sanitized tokens decode already sanitizied texts.
    $options['decode'] = TRUE;
  $langcode = isset($options['language']) ? $options['language']->language : NULL;

  // If there is a label for a property, e.g. defined by an options list or an
  // entity label, make use of it.

Drupal 使用 filefield_sources_plupload 上传文件时 出现 502 错误


Progress indicator

Bar with progress meter

Advanced upload widget (Plupload)


recv() failed (104: Connection reset by peer) while reading response header from upstream


Drupal 自定义 entity 导入导出一套龙 feeds views_data_export

在开发中经常遇到需要导出导入的情况,在drupal中使用 feedsviews_data_export 两个模块配合

定义 feeds 插件